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Sunday, November 24, 2013


I am always amused by the disconnect between the manner in which the UNFCCC reports the outcomes from COP meetings and how those outcomes are reported by the media, the environmental lobby, and anyone else for that matter. The UN's COP-19 website is reporting that the conference places nations "on a track towards a universal climate agreement in 2015 and including significant new decisions that will cut emissions from deforestation." Much was also made about the commitment of new $ to the Adaptation Fund to address adaptation and loss and damage in developing nations.

In reality, nations simply agreed to go away and work on developing plans to be presented in 2015 for what they might be willing to "contribute" to global mitigation efforts under a new treaty regime starting in 2020. But nations have yet to commit to any actual reductions. Meanwhile, adaptation funds continue to lag significantly behind the projected costs of climate adaptation in the developing world, and some countries have yet to fully deliver on the funds they've previously pledged. I suppose that diplomacy isn't diplomacy unless it happens at the last possible moment, but it all seems like so much fiddle playing, and there's a waft of smoke in the air around Rome.  

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