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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Public Support for Adaptation

According to a new survey commissioned by the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Center for Ocean Solutions, the majority of Americans support efforts to increase the resilience of coastal communities to extreme events and climate change. The survey found that 82% of individuals thought preparations should be made in advance of future events rather than waiting to clean up after the fact. A majority also favored specific adaptation options like improving building codes and blocking development in vulnerable areas. At the same time, however, opinions regarding other types of adaptation options including sea walls, beach nourishment, and shoreline vegetation were more divided. In addition, while survey respondents noted a strong role for state and federal government in adaptation, when it came to questions regarding who should pay for adaptation, the majority of respondents indicated that the costs should be borne by individual households and businesses at risk and revenue should be raised through property taxes rather than income taxes. 

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