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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Publications on Adaptation Limits

With work on the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report well underway, various researchers involved in the process have been working overtime to get material into the literature for inclusion in the report. Our chapter team for WGII (Chapter 16: Adaptation Opportunities, Constraints and Limits) is no exception. This week, we published a commentary in Nature Climate Change that offers a new approach to framing and defining limits to adaptation. The commentary emphasises the utility of actor-oriented and risk-based framings of adaptation limits to guide future research efforts as well as adaptation practice:

Dow, K., Berkhout, F., Preston,B.L., Klein, R.J.T., Midgley, G., Shaw, R. (2013). Limits to adaptation. Nature Climate Change 3: 305-307.

Meanwhile, another recent paper digs deeper into the driving forces that increase the likelihood of human and natural systems exceeding limits to adaptation and suggests overcoming the current ambiguity and complexity regarding limits to adaptation is a significant research challenge:

Preston, B.L., Dow, K., Berkhout, F. (2013). The climate adaptation frontier. Sustainability 5, 1011-1035.

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