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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Climate Change in Tennessee

Interested in a discussion of climate change in the state of Tennessee? Well, yesterday I joined a panel for WUOT's 'Dialogue' in which we spent an hour discussing the science, economics, and communication challenges of climate change in the Volunteer State.

Dialogue: Climate Change in Tennessee

In Tennessee, it can be hard to relate to stories about climate change. After all, there are no glaciers to recede, no polar caps to melt, and no coastlines threatened by rising sea levels. So what are the signs of climate change in the Volunteer State? Three panelists join WUOT's Brandon Hollingsworth for an examination of climate research in Tennessee, and the possible effects of climate shifts on the state's ecology, economy and people.

Joining us from the studios of NPR member station WVPE in Elkhart, Indiana, is Virginia Dale. She's a climate researcher with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Ben Preston is the Deputy Director of the Climate Change Science Institute at ORNL. Scott Holladay is a fellow in energy and environmental policy at the Howard H. Baker Center in Knoxville.

Podcast here

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