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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ADB on Climate Change and Migration

The Asia Development Bank (ADB) has released a report, titled "Addressing Climate Change and Migration in Asia and the Pacific," which underscores that climate change will increase the frequency of extreme weather events, making more areas inhospitable to human habitation and secure livelihoods. The report presents the potential impacts of climate change on migration in Asia and the Pacific. It notes that, while most migration will continue to take place within countries, greater cross-border movement is also foreseen, stressing the need for greater international cooperation on migration matters. It highlights that migration from the Pacific islands to Australia and New Zealand has been a repeated pattern in recent decades.

The report also identifies existing international agreements, guidelines, principles, and dialogue forums that can be more effectively used to improve migration management, and recommends greater investments in urban infrastructure and basic services to accommodate the anticipated increase in migrant flows to the region’s megacities. It also identifies a need to protect migrant rights and provide migrants with equitable access to education, health, water and sanitation, citing the importance of strengthening the resilience of climate-threatened communities. Action areas include improving disaster risk management systems and creating livelihood opportunities.

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