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Friday, January 13, 2012

Book: Local Climate Action Planning

Angela Osborn of Island Press sent me some details regarding a new book:

As more communities begin addressing the need to reduce energy consumption, a new set of tools will be required to inform that process.Local Climate Action Planning is the first book designed to help planners, municipal staff and officials, citizens and others working at local levels to develop Climate Action Plans. A CAP clearly outlines a community’s plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, lowering energy consumption, and in the process creating a more livable, sustainable community. With examples drawn from actual plans, Local Climate Action Planning guides preparers of CAPs through the entire plan development process, identifying the key considerations and choices that must be made in order to assure that a plan is both workable and effective. This practical guide synthesizes the many disparate materials currently available on creating CAPs into one readable work. In addition, the authors present CAP case studies: communities that have created innovative plans and are in the process of implementing them, each uniquely demonstrating how CAPs can be suited to meet the needs of all types of localities.

The authors are climate action plan veterans, having worked on over three dozen CAPs and gas emission inventories. They also deliver a strong academic perspective, with experience researching and publishing on the state of climate action planning practice nationwide.

For more information, please visit You may also view the book online: please visit to request access.

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