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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Global Framework for Climate Services

Way back in 2009, at the World Climate Conference-3, a decision was made by the international community to pursue the development of a global framework for climate services. A 'High Level Task Force' was subsequently assembled to lead the development of that framework, and, this week, that framework was released. The framework acknowledges the value that climate services plan in climate risk management and the need for such services to be tailored to the needs of a diverse array of end users. However, the framework also notes that there are significant disparities internationally with respect to the availability of and access to climate information. Hence, significant capacity building will be necessary to implement the proposed framework.

The framework itself is comprised of five components:

  1. The User Interface Platform will provide a means for users, user representatives, climate researchers and climate service providers to interact, thereby maximising the usefulness of climate services and helping develop new and improved applications of climate information.

  2. The Climate Services Information System is the system needed to protect and distribute climate data and information according to the needs of users and according to the procedures agreed by governments and other data providers.

  3. The Observations and Monitoring component will ensure that the climate observations necessary to meet the needs of climate services are generated.

  4. The Research, Modelling and Prediction component will assess and promote the needs of climate services within research agendas.

  5. The Capacity Building component will support systematic development of the necessary institutions, infrastructure and human resources to provide effective climate services.

The proposed framework will be decided at the upcoming 16th World Meteorological Congress (16 May - 3 June 2011, Geneva, Switzerland).

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