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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Climate Resilient UK Infrastructure

The UK's Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs released a report on Monday that identifies the adaptation challenges that the nation's transport, energy, water and ICT (information and communication technologies) infrastructure sectors will face due to climate change. In addition to the usual long list of potential problems that various bits of infrastructure are likely to encounter, the report also provides an equally long (but vague) list of adaptation options such as embedding adaptation in infrastructure development and developing new ways of building climate resilient infrastructure - outcomes that will naturally be achieved under the leadership of the UK government and its various initiatives.

On a more amusing note, in it's reporting of the report release, The Guardian (UK) chose to focus on a particularly worrying finding of the DEFRA study - the potential for climate change to have adverse impacts on the UK's WiFi infrastructure. Finally, after all these years, the climate change community is starting to produce information about the kinds of impacts of climate change that people really care about.

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