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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

UNDP Adaptation Toolkit

For those who feel the need for more guidance on how to plan for and implement adaptation strategies, the UNDP has developed an adaptation "toolkit" for practitioners. Unlike the UNDP's earlier Adaptation Policy Framework, the toolkit is rather user-friendly, and its utility lies perhaps in its presentation of portfolios of approaches to undertaking different aspects of adaptation planning. For example, the toolkit contains examples of a range of approaches to framing adaptation planning, developing and applying scenarios, decision-making regarding adaptation options, and stakeholder engagement. As such, users of the toolkit can review individual tools, select those that appear most consistent with a given context, and thereby assemble a comprehensive, but tailored, approach to adaptation. In my humble opinion, society is beyond the point of needing a new and improved framework for adaptation. Rather, what's needed is understanding regarding the specific contexts in which different existing approaches to adaptation are more or less effective. The UNDP's new toolkit at least provides that range of approaches, although one is still left one one's own to determine the appropriateness of those approaches.

For a more lengthy list of adaptation frameworks, look here.

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