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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Australia's National Coastal Vulnerability Assessment

After several years of blood, sweat and tears, the Australian Department of Climate Change has released its National Coastal Vulnerability Assessment. The assessment represents a multi-method approach to the issues, combining the nation's recently completed Smartline coastal segmentation product with coastal infrastructure exposure assessments and local and regional case studies.
The report also devotes a chapter to the issue of adaptation and cites a number of priority components of a reform agenda for coastal management:

1. National standards and benchmarks for coastal development
2. Regional risk assessments
3. Demonstration strategies for areas exposed to high or extreme risk
4. Review and update Building Codes
5. National audit of critical infrastructure in the coastal zone
6. Provision of information and tools essential for decision-making
7. Research to reduce uncertainty about the magnitude of coastal risk from climate change
8. Risk allocation and insurance
9. Ecosystems review
10. Community engagement
11. Build capability of local government
12. Inter-jurisdictional cooperation

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