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Sunday, September 13, 2009

World Climate Conference

The 3rd World Climate Conference recently concluded its discussion of the fate of climate services in coming decades. In summary, the conference concluded:

  • that present capabilities to provide effective climate services fall far short of meeting present, and future needs and benefits, particularly in developing countries;
  • that the most urgent need is for much closer partnerships between the providers and users of climate services;
  • that great scientific progress has been made especially by the World Climate Programme and its associated activities over the past 30 years, which provides already a firm basis for the delivery of a wide range of climate services; and
  • that major new and strengthened research efforts are required to increase the time-range and skill of climate prediction through new research and modelling initiatives; and to improve the observational basis for climate prediction and services, and the availability and quality control of climate data;

called for major strengthening of the essential elements of a global framework for
climate services:

  • The Global Climate Observing System and all its components and associated activities; and provision of free and unrestricted exchange and access to climate data;
  • The World Climate Research Programme, underpinned by adequate computing resources and increased interaction with other global climate relevant research initiatives.
  • Climate services information systems taking advantage of enhanced existing
    national and international climate service arrangements in the delivery of products, including sector-oriented information to support adaptation activities;
  • Climate user interface mechanisms focussed on building linkages and integrating information, at all levels, between the providers and users of climate services; and
  • Efficient and enduring capacity building through education, training, and strengthened outreach and communication.

supported the development of the proposed Global Framework for Climate Services.

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