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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brookings Institution on Adaptation

The Brookings Institution in the U.S. has posted two short pieces on climate change adaptation:

Practical Approaches to Financing and Executing Climate Change Adaptation
Humayun Tai (McKinsey & Company)

Executive Summary
"There is increasing consensus that climate change may slow worldwide economic growth and could impact up to 20 percent of the global GDP in the long term, according to the Stern Review. Countries must quickly learn to calculate the risks they face and invest in adaptation measures to couple with their ongoing mitigation efforts. Developed nations will also have to help their developing neighbors adapt—and help pick up the pieces in the wake of climate-related disasters. With these challenges in mind, a first step toward climate-compatible development is helping decision makers assess and address total climate risk. This paper presents an overview of how to estimate the costs of climate change adaptation, how to cover those costs, and practical approaches to build a portfolio of responses for any country or region."
Adaptation to Climate Change: Building Resilience and Reducing Vulnerability
Mohamed El-Ashry (United Nations Foundation)

Executive Summary
"Given the far-ranging adverse impacts of climate change, adaptation must be an integral component of an effective strategy to address climate change, along with mitigation. Adaptation should be approached as an opportunity to rethink development as usual, and should be based on “upstream” interventions that will yield benefits regardless of specific, climate-related events in the future. This policy brief examines win-win strategies for development and adaptation in three key sectors—namely, ecosystems and natural resources, food and agriculture, and health—and focuses on interventions that will be valuable regardless of the uncertainties we face in determining precise climate change impacts."

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