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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adaptation Learning Mechanism

The Adaptation Learning Mechanism's on-line knowledge sharing platform has been revised and relauched. The ALM was initially launched in 2007 to support three key adapatation-oriented activities:

  1. Adaptation practices – what can be done to adapt to climate change on the ground?

  2. Integration of climate change risks and adaptation into development policy, planning and operations – how can policies and plans support adaptation over time?

  3. Capacity building – how can people be better assisted in becoming equipped for adapting to climate change?

The portal allows users to search a range of examples of adaptation practice across multiple sectors and themes. However, at present the content currently appears to be dominated by National Communications from developing nations, which offer little specific detail regarding the three aforementioned questions. As with any such portal, its utility will be dependent upon broad-scale participation by users who are willing to share their experiences in adaptation practice.

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