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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Australia's federal government has completed work on its Smartline coastal vulnerability assessment tool, which has been developed as part of its National Coastal Vulnerability Assessment process. The product is available through the OzCoasts website along with an updated national database of beaches.

According to the website,

"The Smartline Coastal Geomorphic Map of Australia is a detailed map of the coastal landform types – or ‘geomorphology – of continental Australia and most adjacent islands (excluding the Great Barrier Reef). As a ‘geomorphic’ map, it represents not just the topography of the coast – the planform, elevation and shape of the coastal landforms which a contour map or digital elevation model may represent - but it also indicates what the differing coastal landforms are made of – varying rock types, laterite, coral, sand, mud, laterite, boulders, beachrock, and so on. The map classifies coastal landforms into differing combinations of form (generalised shape) and constituents (or fabric) which in turn are indicative of the differing natural processes by which each coastal landform has developed."

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