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Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Climate & Development Publications

As compiled by the the Institute for Development Studies:

1) Impacts of Climate Change on Livelihoods: What are the implications for Social Protection? Rachel Cipryk

2) The Human Dimension of Climate Adaptation: The Importance of Local and Institutional Issues
Ian Christoplos, Simon Anderson, Margaret Arnold, Victor Galaz, Merylyn Hedger, Richard Klein and Katell le Gouven

3) Adapting to Climate Change: Thresholds, Values, Governance
Goulden, Marisa, Lars Otto Naess, Katharine Vincent and W. Neil Adger

4) Urban Governance for Adaptation: Assessing Climate Change Resilience in Ten Asian Cities
Thomas Tanner, Tom Mitchell, Emily Polack and Bruce Guenther

5) Rural Disaster Risk – Poverty Interface
Tom Mitchell, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler,Steven Devereux, Tomas Tanner, Mark Davies and Jennifer Leavy

6) Children as agents for Disaster Risk Reduction: lessons from El Salvador and the Philippines Tom Mitchell, Thomas Tanner and Katharine Haynes

7) Children, Climate Change and Disasters: An annotated bibliography
Children in a Changing Climate Research Programme

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carolinaroman said...

The authors for the book listed as No.3 on your list above should be:

W. Neil Adger
Irene Lorenzoni
Karen L. O'Brien