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Sunday, July 12, 2009

RFF Adaptation Studies

The United States' Resources for the Future has been active in the adaptation arena recently, producing a range of studies on climate adaptation in various U.S. sectors as well as some work on the international scene. These studies (listed below) are intended to sketch out the state-of-knowledge regarding the implications of climate change in preparation for RFF's more focused work on adaptation policy.

Adapting to Climate Change: The Public Policy Response—Public Infrastructure
James E. Neumann and Jason C. Price
June 2009

Agriculture and the Food System: Adaptation to Climate Change
John M. Antle
June 2009

An Adaptation Portfolio for the United States Coastal and Marine Environment
David Kling and James N. Sanchirico
June 2009

Emerging Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Resources: A Perspective on Transformed Watersheds
Alan P. Covich
June 2009

Terrestrial Ecosystem Adaptation
Steven W. Running and L. Scott Mills
June 2009

Adapting to Climate Change: Public Health
Jonathan M. Samet
June 2009

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