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Sunday, July 19, 2009

German Strategy for Adaptation

The Federal Government of Germany has publicly released its German Adaptation Strategy (Deutsche AnpassungsStrategie, DAS). According to the document,

"The aim of the Adaptation Strategy is to reduce vulnerability to the consequences of climate change, to maintain or improve the adaptability of
natural, social and economic systems, and to take advantage of any opportunities."

However, the strategy itself will do little to address the nation's vulnerability to climate change. By and large, the strategy is devoted to summarising the potential climate changes and impacts relevant to Germany and outlining some basic principles for adaptation. The substantive component of the strategy is the commitment to develop an adaptation action plan by the end of March 2011, which will contain the following:
  • Principles and criteria for identifying and prioritising action needs
  • Prioritising federal measures
  • Overview of concrete measures by other stakeholders (on the basis of the dialogue and participation process)
  • Information on financing
  • Proposals for progress review (indicators)
  • Further development of the German Adaptation Strategy and specification of next steps.

Hence, one will have to wait for the Action Plan to see how Germany will achieve the reductions in vulnerability intended by the strategy.

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