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Monday, May 18, 2009

NSF Revisits Climate Change Research

The U.S. National Science Foundation has released a report recapping the broad range of climate change research the agency has funded in recent years:

From the report's Introduction:

"NSF investments have played a crucial role in our understanding of Earth’s climate past, present, and potential future. From its inception, NSF has funded the research of climatologists including Charles David Keeling, whose data on increasing carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are considered pivotal early evidence in support of the hypothesis of anthropogenic climate change. NSF funding through the decades has led to many of the most fundamental discoveries and advances in human knowledge about the causes and consequences of global climate change and variability. Paleoclimate records, computational climate models, and economic models of climate change are just some examples of the major contributions of NSF’s investments in this area. In the future, as the world’s human population turns its attention to managing and coping with the effects of climate change, NSF-funded basic research will continue to provide the necessary platform for technological advances, in areas including energy and geoengineering."

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