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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

California Climate Action Team Draft Report

California's Climate Action Team has released a draft version of its 2009 Biennial Report to the Governor and Legislature. The latest report builds upon prior assessments through two specific advancements: a) development of new climate and sea-level projections; and 2) evaluation of climate change within the context of socio-economic changes such as land-use change, population growth and urbanisation.

The report also makes reference to the Climate Adaptation Strategy (CAS), which is currently under development and scheduled for release by 30 June, 2009:

"The CAS is expected to summarize what we know about current climate change impacts to California, use State agency policy expertise to understand what strategies could be implemented, and to assist in prioritizing near- and long-term actions."

Public comments on the draft report will be accepted until 1 May, 2009.

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