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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sportsmen Accepting Climate Change?

An article in the Texas Star Telegram suggests support for climate adaptation may be building in an unlikely location. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is preparing a report encouraging the pursuit of adaptation actions to help conserve fish and wildlife and appears to be walking a fine line to avoid alienating Texans. While the article clearly indicates that there isn't necessarily broad grassroots support for the idea of anthropogenic climate change, much less 'dangerous' climate change, in Texas it does suggest that it is nevertheless possible to find common interest on the subject of adaptation. Belief in anthropogenic climate change is not a prerequisite for supporting conservation actions, and even if one assumes that the future is unknown, its hard to argue against robust wildlife management strategies that seek to achieve goals across a broad range of climate futures. As such, even where the battle for hearts and minds continues over greenhouse gas mitigation, it may be possible to advance adaptation efforts to reduce societal and ecological vulnerability.

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