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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Australia's King Tides

On January 12, a King Tide affected the east coast of Australia. In New South Wales, the State Government used the event as an opportunity to educate the public about climate change. Individuals were encouraged to head to the beach and snap photos at high tide:

"The king tide will provide an opportunity to see areas along the coast that are subject to flooding and at risk from erosion and storm damage. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the long-term challenges of sea level rise. In
recent workshops around the state, the Department has presented forecasts of
climate change impacts, including the potential for sea levels to rise by 40cm
by 2050 and by 90cm by 2100."
Meanwhile, in Brisbane, Queensland, the King Tide caused flooding in some areas, revealing the potential vulnerabilities that exist under current climate variability.

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