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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Adaptation Challenges in California

The Public Policy Institute of California has released a study of adaptation challenges and barriers in California, focused on six key sectors - water resources, electricity, coastal resources, air quality, public health, and ecosystem resources. The report identifies six key tasks for the state as it moves forward with the development a climate change adaptation strategy:

    • Improve the basic science on climate impacts, particularly at the regional and local levels.
    • Help frontline actors, such as city and county governments, interpret the science and determine which levels of climate risks to plan for, over which time frames.
    • Determine where early actions are needed—when a failure to act now will result in much greater cost or reduce future flexibility. These areas currently include infrastructure investment and habitat protection.
    • Refine existing adaptation tools and experiment with new ones.
    • Strengthen the incentives for coordinated action at the regional level and seek federal cooperation.
    • Make legal and regulatory adjustments to facilitate adaptation.

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