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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mike Edwards has an interesting post on globalisation, poverty and climate vulnerability at Reuters Foundation's Climate Change Blog. The following is a snippet:

"The poverty-vulnerability linkage makes me think about Australia and
the current situation faced by Aboriginal Australians. For 40,000 years,
Aboriginal Australians have managed to sustain a truly unique, thriving and rich
culture on one of the most inhospitable continents on Earth. Aboriginal people
have experienced extremes in weather and climate, and have adapted successfully
to these changes. Just over 200 years ago, the continent was invaded by the
British and, since then, most Aboriginal people have been assimilated into a
culture that is alien to them and has forced many into conditions of poverty.
Those people who were, in the past, some of the most adaptive people to changes
in climate now rank among the most vulnerable. The wonders of development,

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