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Saturday, November 1, 2008

California Department of Water Resources has released a new report entitled, Managing an Uncertain Future; Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for California's Water. The report identifies 10 adaptation strategies for the state's water managers to cope with a changing climate. Overall, these strategies reflect broad themes of action as opposed to specific policies and measures, so it appears that considerable work will be required for these to be operationalised to reduce the sector's vulnerability:

  • Strategy 1: Provide Sustainable Funding for Statewide and
    Integrated Regional W ater Management
  • Strategy 2: Fully Develop the Potential of Integrated Regional Water
  • Strategy 3: Aggressively Increase Water Use Efficiency
  • Strategy 4: Practice and Promote Integrated Flood Management
  • Strategy 5: Enhance and Sustain Ecosystems
  • Strategy 6: Expand Water Storage and Conjunctive Management of
    Surface and Groundwater Resources
  • Strategy 7: Fix Delta Water Supply, Quality and Ecosystem Conditions
  • Strategy 9: Plan for and Adapt to Sea Level Rise
  • Strategy 10: Identify and Fund Focused Climate Change Impacts and
    Adaptation Research and Analysis

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