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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Australia Announces Adaptation Research Networks

The Australian Department of Climate Change has announced seven adaptation research networks that will be part of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility:

  • Terrestrial Biodiversity -James Cook University -$400,000 per year
  • Water Resources and Freshwater Biodiversity -Griffith University -$400,000 per year
  • Marine Biodiversity and Resources -University of Tasmania -$400,000 per year
  • Settlements and Infrastructure -University of NSW -$447,000 per year
  • Disaster Management and Emergency Services -RMIT University -$205,000 per year
  • Social, Economic and Institutional Dimensions -University of Melbourne -$376,000 per year
  • Health -Australian National University -$240,000 per year

The networks were developed to foster an inclusive collaborative research environment, through:

  • Open exchange of information and sharing of resources.
  • Contributing to the work of the Facility in synthesising existing and emerging research and in developing National Adaptation Research Plans.
  • Contributing to the implementation of National Adaptation Research Plans, by assisting the Facility in the establishment of research teams.
  • Nurturing the careers of young investigators and research students by promoting a sense of community, collaboration and strong, effective mentoring, and encouraging them to shape the future direction of the research fields.

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