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Monday, September 1, 2008

Wise Adaptation

Japan's Ministry of the Environment has prepared a report focused on the concept of "wise adaptation", which identifies a number of considerations deemed necessary for ensuring effective and efficient implementation of adaptation policies and measures. For example:

  1. Promotion of regional vulnerability assessments
  2. Monitoring, and adoption of early warning systems that utilize monitoring
  3. Utilization of a diverse range of options
  4. Utilization of both long-term and short-term perspectives
  5. Utilization of observation results, and introduction of adaptation measures that
    ensure a certain degree of clearance
  6. Mainstreaming of adaptation
  7. Effective and efficient realization of low-vulnerability “systems with flexible response
  8. Promotion of co-benefit-type adaptation
  9. Improvement of society-wide adaptive capacity by utilizing insurance and other
    economic systems
  10. Development of systems of cooperation and coalition with relevant organizations
  11. Promotion of voluntary initiatives through entities that allow for a detailed
    approach at the local site
  12. Development of human resources

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