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Friday, July 4, 2008

Garnaut Review

Ross Garnaut has a released a draft of the Garnaut Climate Change Review. Undoubtedly, many throughout Australia are diving into the 500+ page report at this very moment, in search of what they perceive to be the good, the bad, and the ugly. What is absent from this version are results from the economic modelling and discussions of adaptation - obviously, key elements that will be examined critically at a future date.

The Preface the report is pasted below:

"The Garnaut Climate Change Review was initiated by the then Leader of the
Opposition, the Hon Kevin Rudd, and by the First Ministers of the eight states
and territories of Australia. It was commissioned by the First Ministers on 30
April 2007. The Commonwealth joined the Review at the end of 2007.

The Review was required to examine the impacts of climate change on the Australian economy, and to recommend medium- to long-term policies and policy frameworks to improve the prospects of sustainable prosperity.

The Review’s secretariat was established in June 2007. Based originally within the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet, it includes members from the Queensland, Western Australian and South Australian governments. A secretariat office within the federal Department of Climate Change was established in January 2008. The secretariat has provided invaluable expertise and support to this challenging exercise.

This draft report represents a detailed assessment of the implications of climate change for a single nation. It has built on the existing body of information in the fields of science and economics, and undertaken significant new work to illuminate the potential impacts on, and the most effective course of action for, Australia.

As part of its research and analysis, the Review has consulted widely with a wide range of experts in Australia and overseas: academics, officials, government departments and public bodies, business leaders and representatives, and non‑government organisations. The Review thanks all these people and organisations for their generous support under compressed time frames.

The Review has also benefited substantially from interactions with other organisations and the community more generally at five specialist forums and eight public lectures held around the country between August 2007 and June 2008. These forums and lectures were held in almost every mainland capital city, with an attendance of more than 3200 people in the lead up to the release of the draft report.

A lengthy formal submissions process was also conducted, which attracted almost 4000 submissions. Interested stakeholders were encouraged to respond to a series of five issues papers, a discussion paper on the proposed emissions trading scheme and an interim report released in January 2008, all of which stimulated public discussion and debate on some of the most critical issues for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Australia. The submissions assisted in shaping the direction of the Review and a submissions report will be released in July 2008.

Issues of significance not considered in this draft report (such as the results of the economic modelling and the important issues of adaptation) will be further discussed in the supplementary draft report and the final report."

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