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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

National Academies Demand Adaptation and Mitigation

In anticipation of the G8 meeting next month, the national academies of science from the G8 nations along with Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa have issued a statement on climate change adaptation and the need to transition to a low carbon society. While citing the need to accelerate economic tools for incentivizing the development of low-carbon energy systems, the statement also points out that climate impacts and vulnerability are with us at present and therefore adaptation must be part of the strategy:

"A strategic approach to adaptation must be based on the principle of sustainable development. As an immediate first step, governments can take measures to improve resilience to existing environmental stresses. Such measures will, in turn, reduce exposure to the threat posed by climate change. This involves governments recognizing the role that ecosystems and the natural resource base play in meeting basic needs (water, food and shelter). This strategic approach can be strengthened with more targeted measures once detailed assessments of the impacts and key vulnerabilities have been carried out."

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