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Sunday, April 20, 2008

UK Adaptation Links


1) London Climate Change Partnership

2) The Scottish Climate Change Impacts Partnership (SCCIP)

3) South East Climate Change Partnership

4) South East England Regional Assembly

5) Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

6) UK Climate Impacts Program

7) UK Department of Treasury (Stern)

Adaptation Strategies

1) Adapting our Ways: Managing Scotland's Climate Risk

2) Adapting to Climate Change: A Checklist for Development

3) Adapting to Climate Change in England: A Framework for England

4) Adapting to Climate Change: Lessons for London

5) Climate Change Adaptation by Design

6) Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Implementation Plan for the Draft South East Plan
7) Climate Change Toolkit For Regulatory Services

8) England Biodiversity Strategy- Towards adaptation to climate change

9) London Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

10) Nottingham Declaration Action Pack (NDAP)

11) Potential Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change in Scotland

12) Risk, Uncertainty and Decision-Making Framework

13) South East England Regional Assembly Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Implementation Plan

Impacts and Adaptation Research

1) Adaptation Wizard

2) Adapting INstitutions to Climate Change

3) Adapting to Climate Change Impacts: A Good Practice Guide for Sustainable Communities

3) Climate Change - Adapting to the Impacts (CLIM-ATIC)

4) Climate Change Scenarios for the United Kingdom: The UKCIP02 Scientific Report

5) London's warming: The impacts of climate change on London

6) Socio-economic Scenarios for Climate Change Impact Assessment: A Guide to Their Use in the UK Climate Impacts Programme

7) Sustaining Knowledge for a Changing Climate

8) The Impacts of Climate Change on London's Transport Systems

9) The Climate of the UK and Recent Trends

10) Warming up the Region: The Impacts of Climate Change in the
Yorkshire and Humber region

11) Yorkshire and Humber Climate Change Adaptation Study

Adaptation in Action

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