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Monday, April 21, 2008

United States Adaptation Links


1) California Climate Action Team

2) Climate Institute

3) Defenders of Wildlife


5) NCAR Institute for the Study of Society and Environment

6) NOAA Climate Program Office

7) Pew Centre on Global Climate Change

8) Resources for the Future

9) The Heinz Center

10) Union of Concerned Scientists

11) U.S. Climate Change Science Program

12) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

13) World Wildlife Fund

Adaptation Strategies
1) 2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy Discussion Draft

2) Adapting to Climate Change: A Call for Federal Leadership

3) Alaska Climate Change Strategy

4) California 2006 Climate Action Team Final Report

5) City of Punta Gorda Adaptation Plan

6) City of San Rafael Climate Change Action Plan

7) Climate Change Adaptation in New York City: Building a Risk Management Response

8) Colorado Climate Action Plan

9) Delaware Climate Change Action Plan

10) Final Report from Oregon’s Climate Change Integration Group

11) Florida’s Energy and Climate Change Action Plan

12) Managing an Uncertain Future; Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for California's Water

13) Maryland Commission on Climate Change: Climate Change Action Plan

14) Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change in Fresno, California

15) National Water Program Strategy: Response to Climate Change

16) New Hampshire Climate Action Plan

17) Portland City Council and the Multnomah County Climate Change Action Plan 2009

18) Preparing California for a Changing Climate

19) Preparing for a Sea Change - A Strategy to Cope with the Impacts of Global Warming on the State’s Coastal and Marine Systems

20) The NYC DEP Climate Change Program Assessment and Action Plan

21) U.S. Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force Progress Report

22) Washington Climate Change Challenge Draft Adaptation Working Groups’ Work Plan

Impacts and Adaptation Research

1) Adapting to Climate Change: Public Health

2) Adapting to Climate Change: The Public Policy Response - Public Infrastructure

3) Agriculture and the Food System: Adaptation to Climate Change

4) America's Climate Choices

5) An Adaptation Portfolio for the United States Coastal and Marine Environment

6) California Climate Risk and Response

7) Cities Pilot Project (ICLEI USA)

8) Climate Change Futures: Health, Ecological and Economic Dimensions

9) Climate Change and National Park Wildlife: A Survival Guide

10) Climate Change and Potential Impacts to Wildlife in Tennessee

11) Climate Change in California: Choosing Our Future

12) Climate Change in Colorado: A Synthesis to Support Water Resources Management and Adaptation

13) Climate Change Indicators in the United States

14) Climate Institute Adaptation Programs

15) Coastal Sensitivity to Sea-level Rise: A Focus on the Mid-Atlantic Region.

16) Confronting Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region: Impacts on Our Communities and Ecosystems

17) Coastal Sensitivity to Sea-level Rise: A Focus on the Mid-Atlantic Region.

18) Confronting Climate Change in the U.S Northeast: Science, Impacts and Solutions

19) DRAFT 2009 Climate Action Team Biennial Report to the Governor and Legislature

20) Effects of Climate Change on Energy Production and Use in the United States

21) Emerging Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Resources: A Perspective on Transformed Wetlands

22) Florida Governor’s Action Team on Energy and Climate Change

23) Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Transportation Systems and Infrastructure -- Gulf Coast Study

24) Implications of Climate Change for Conservation, Restoration and Management of National Forest Lands

25) IPCC AR4 Working Group II – Chapter 14: North America

26) Joint Alaska Arctic Impact Assessment Commission

27) Maine's Climate Future: An Initial Assessment

28) Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Climate Change in Fresno, California

29) National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change

30) Our Changing Climate: Assessing the Risks to California

31) Pacific Northwest Climate and Impacts

32) Pew Center on Global Climate Change: Science and Impacts

33) Preliminary Review of Adaptation Options for Climate-Sensitive Ecosystems and Resources

Preparing for the Public Health Challenges of Climate Change

35) Terrestrial Ecosystem Adaptation

36 The Effects of Cimate Change on Agriculture, Land Resources, Water Resources, and Biodiversity in the United States

37) The Potential Impacts of Global Sea Level Rise on Transportation Infrastructure

38) The US Economic Impacts of Climate Change and the Costs of Inaction

39) U.S. Climate Change Science Program Scientific Assessment of the Effects of Global Change on the United States

40) Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment

41) World Wildlife Fund Adaptation Programs

Adaptation Projects

1) Adaptation Planning – What U.S. States and Localities are Doing

2) Adaptation Planning Database (case studies of biodiversity integration within adaptation planning)

3) A Survey of Climate Change Adaptation Planning

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