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Monday, April 21, 2008

Australian Adaptation Links


Australian Government Department of Climate Change

2) CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship

3) CSIRO Climate Impacts Group

4) Council of Australian Governments

5) Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry

6) Garnaut Climate Change Review

7) Land and Water Australia

8) Local Government Shires Association

National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

10) Planning Institute of Australia

11) Victoria Ministerial Reference Council for Climate Change Adaptation

Adaptation Strategies

Climate Change and Adaptation in South West Western Australia

Draft Climate Change Strategy for Tasmania

3) FutureMap 2030 (Committee for Melbourne)

4) Health Impacts of Climate Change: Adaptation Strategies for Western Australia

5) Implications of Climate Change for Australia's National Reserve System - A Preliminary Assessment

6) Managing Australian Landscapes in a Changing Climate - A Climate Change Primer for Regional Natural Resource Management Bodies

7) Meeting The Sea Change Challenge: Best Practice Models of Local and Regional Planning for Sea Change Communities

8) Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project

9) New South Wales Adaptaiton Strategy for Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity

10) Northern Territory Strategy for Greenhouse Action

Queensland Climate Change Strategy 2007: A Low-Carbon Future

Review of the Queensland Government Climate Change Strategy

13) South Australia Government Action Plan to 2012

South Australia: Tacking Climate Change

15) Towards a City of Melbourne Climate Change Adaptation Strategy A Risk Assessment and Action Plan Discussion Paper

16) Victoria Climate Change Action Program

Impacts and Adaptation Research

Climate Change Impacts on Australia and Benefits of Early Action to Reduce Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2) Climate Change in Australia (2007 Projections and Technical Report)

Climate Change in Queensland: What the Science is Telling Us

4) Department of Climate Change (Publications)

5) Implications of Climate Change for Australia's World Heritage Areas: A Preliminary Assessment

6) Managing Australian landscapes in a changing climate - a climate change primer for regional natural resource management bodies

7) Murray Darling-Basin Sustainable Yields Project

8) National Coastal Vulnerability Assessment

9) National Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary Industries

10) New South Wales DPI Adaptation Research Projects

11) New South Wales DECC Impacts and Adaptation Research


Saving Australia's Special Places

14) Smartline Coastal Geomorphic Map of Australia

15) Systems Approach to Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Metropolises

16) The Heat is On: The Future of Energy in Australia

17) The Impacts and Management Implications of Climate Change for the Australian Government's Protected Areas

18) The Thin Green Line: Climate Change and Australian Policing

19) Variability and Trends in the Australian Wave Climate and Consequent Coastal Vulnerability

20) Victoria Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Adaptation in Action

Climate Change Adaptation Actions for Local Government

2) Climate Risk Management Project

3) LGSAplus Climate Change Action Pack

4) Local Government Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit

5) Managing Climate Variability Program

6) Victorian Local Government's Greenhouse and Climate Change Case Studies Report

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